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Hi there! I'm Susanna. The creative behind the lens.

I'm a pretty simple gal, really. I live in a tiny rural town in Eastern WA.  I love jesus, margaritas, and sleeping in. my husband is my best friend, and even though our real job entails keeping human beings alive, we just canโ€™t seem to keep our cacti from dying. 

Aside from my photography biz, I also work in Emergency Medical Services as an AEMT - I guess that makes me a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. I have a new-found pleasure in Crossfit and Spartan Races, but due to my lifelong addiction to pizza and beer, six pack abs are not on the horizon for yours truly.

My favorite thing about photographing with couples is capturing the authentic, goofy, and passionate interactions that you and i tend to keep so private. 
Your story and your love is unique, and the fact that I get to be the person to document just a tint part of that is so special to me.
After every shoot I come away with new life-long friends and feel as though just maybe
I did justice in portaying someones love. I have the SWEETEST job, you guys. Sometimes I wake up in awe, wondering how on earth people pay me to capture such beautiful and intimate parts of their life.

Thank you for considering me.
If you're thinking what I'm thinking, let's chat.
I'd love to get to know you, maybe enjoy a margarita or two, and let's get to documenting your story.

~ Susanna




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